Medical Miracle

I’ve never shared this on my blog before.

A year ago, I had an ultrasound because during a routine check-up, the vet felt my back and discovered I had an abnormally large kidney.


(See my shaved belly??)

The results of this ultrasound were bittersweet.

It revealed one normal kidney.  It also revealed a baseball-sized polycystic kidney that was completely overtaken by cysts.  The vet had never seen anything like it before.

The healthy kidney was a truly a blessing.  Kitties with one polycystic kidney almost always have two polycystic kidneys.  But with one functioning kidney, I was given a rare opportunity at a long healthy life with polycystic kidney disease.


Today I went back for a second ultrasound as a one year follow up.  Marmie, Diddy, and my vet are flabbergasted at the result.  My once polycystic kidney is COMPLETELY NORMAL. 

Having seen the shape of my kidney last year, medicine would never have predicted this outcome.  In fact, we were prepared for my kidney to increase in size and thus impact the functioning of my other organs.

This is the absolute definition of a MIRACLE. 

So thank you, friends, for reading my blog and sharing in my PHENOMENAL life!


Link, Marmie, and Diddy.



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27 responses to “Medical Miracle

  1. Wow, Link! That’s amazing!! We’re happy youre kidney is back to normal!!

  2. That is such great news and we’re all doing the happy dance just for you!

  3. Such good news! Gratz and keep doing those yoga moves!

  4. That’s amazing!! It’s a pleasure to follow your phenomenal life!! 🙂
    Hugs all the way from Brazil,


  5. OMG Link, that is the most AWESOME news!! I am sooo glad everything is OK with you, ’cause you know… you’re my kitty friend. 🙂

    Woofs & hugs,


  6. You are right, it can only be described as a miracle. What excellent news!

  7. Oh Link, that is so fantastic. We knew all along you were special and we also believe big time in miracles and that is one of them. We sure are glad that your kidney is all back to normal. Whooo Hoooo.

  8. Link
    We believe in miracles and we feel you have experienced one!
    If you believe it can happen!
    We are sooooo happy!

  9. Link, that is SUCH wonderful news!! We are overjoyed that the Kidney Angels came and fixed your dicey kidney. We will remember to thank Cod in our prayers tonight for giving you a miracle.

  10. Fin

    That is amazing Link!!

  11. Our mom had a human friend with polycystic kidneys, and they put MORE kidneys inside of him (well, 1 more, thanks to his awesome sister). But we never heard of a kitty having that problem! But… the fact that your kidney turned normal again truly is a miracle!! Mr. Link, we’re honored to call you our friend!!!

    Love, Fuzzy and Zoe

  12. ohhhh that made me want to cry with happiness!!!!! It is the wonderful love of your Mummy and Diddy that healed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We love you and want to thank YOU for all of the joy you bring to OUR lives!

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  14. What wonderful news Link, Brian sent us over to help you celebrate.

  15. Oh Link, Marmie and Diddy – what exciting news for you all – we are delighted to hear it – we think an extra treat is in order.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. That’s wonderful news! We’re so happy for you.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  17. What wonderful news! We are so thrilled for yoo. Smoochies.

  18. YAHOO!!! AY-MEN (& women)!!!!! HALLE-looooo-YAH!!!

    Oh good news. I love it. We are rejoicing over here in the Bugs-Bean household. YAY LINKIE!!

  19. We’re so happy to hear your good news!

    Purrs to you all.

  20. Hooray for miracles! We are so happy about your wonderful news, Link! 🙂

  21. This is just wonderful news, Link. We are so happy for you and for your family, who love you and were worried about you. Purrs and wags.

  22. Just stopping in to say congrats and to wish you a happy life…
    Taz, Runt, Charles and mommy, Anna, in IL

  23. Greate noos, Link. We can only imagine the reactions when the V*T tolkd you all that.

    Whatever you been doing, keep doing it. It seems to be working.

  24. Linkie, grandma is so happy !

  25. This is truly a miracle! We are very happy for you.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

  26. If anybuddy deserves a miracle, it is you, Link!

  27. Grandpappy

    Hey Link, Gramps is really happy for you, and even MORE happy for your “parents”, Lily and Stephen. What a blessing! What a relief!

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