Bliss for Aunt Beatrice


If only Marmie would build me a screened in porch.



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9 responses to “Bliss for Aunt Beatrice

  1. Link, You TOTALLY need one!

    Yes, indeedy.

  2. Great Idea ! You need it in da hot day !!!
    Have a great nap

  3. She certainly does look like she is in bliss.

  4. Happy, happy, happy fur sure!

  5. That is one very happy cat, for sure. And a very lucky kitty too to have such a nice porch. Hope you get your wish Link. Take care.

  6. We think you should definitely have one for yourself Link.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Now I want one, too! Mooooooooom!

  8. Amy

    She looks very comfy! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

    Amy, Swift, and Kool

  9. Ahhh Auntie Beatrice!
    That is so nice.

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