Irvin and the Watermelon Stoop


At 9 a.m., Irvin begins to sit on his watermelon placemat–erect and ernest–in anticipation of his 10:00 installment of wet food.



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9 responses to “Irvin and the Watermelon Stoop

  1. Mom wishes Audrey would do something like that. At 10 pm we get a small snack of dry food, supper having been wet food at about 6pm. By 8:30 Audrey is creating mischief all over the house to try to get the humans’ attention to be fed again. She pushes anything not tied down off the counters in the kitchen and bathroom for starters.
    Have wonderful weekend.

  2. LOL! We understand, when the mom’s home, we want food every couple of hours. Seriously. Drives her crazy, she says.

  3. Have I missed something. Who is Irvin?? But that is a good way to get some food. Just stare. We know when Mom stands up for any reason, that it is time for us to have food. Take care and have a wonderful week end.

  4. Waiting can be so difficult sometimes!

  5. LOL — that is cute! A fun place to wait for noms.

  6. Uncle Irvin
    Our Mr Jinx has a very similiar habit.
    He knows when it’s meal time that is for sure.

  7. Uncle Irvin is very well-behaved! We usually circle like sharks at mealtime.

  8. Uncle Irvin is very patient – we are usually screaming and circling after about 3 seconds!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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