Yoga Cat IV

A lot of cats believe yoga is too difficult for them.  But I think all cats–no matter the age—are capable of executing even the most challenging of yoga postures.

Today I am going to instruct you kitties on how to complete my most favoritest yoga pose, the Upward Facing Cat.


Begin by lying on your back—belly up.


Then, curl all four footsies.


Once you have that step down, gently curve your tail into a nice curly Q shape.


Lastly, contort your face into a look your human will find “cute.”  I find that a squinty-eyed look is particularly visually appealing to my marmie. IMG_5085 

Voila!  You’ve now learned the Upward Facing Cat yoga posture.




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9 responses to “Yoga Cat IV

  1. Oh that does look like a great yoga move. We are getting on the floor right now to give it a try, If any of us accomplish it, we will let you know. The curly feet and tail are going to be the hard parts.Hope you have a good rest of the day. Take care.

  2. Excellent demonstration, Link! We must get down and give that a try. But if our mom gets down to try it too, we’re leaving. LOL.

  3. Yes, that is sooooo much better than the dreaded downward-facing dog!

  4. You got it going good Link! You should make a yoga video!

  5. Link
    That’s purrfect!
    We will all practice it!

  6. Link I think you are the BEST Yoga instructor ever!!! I want to sign up for one of your classes!

  7. Wow! You do that well, Link! Thanks for that lesson…we’ll go try the Upward Facing Cat right now!!

  8. All of us here are pretty proficient in this pose!

  9. Its the foot curl that makes my heart pitter-patter.

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