What Happens When The Camera Gets Too Close




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11 responses to “What Happens When The Camera Gets Too Close

  1. Give it a good bitey, Link! That’ll teach the humans!!

  2. We love to bite the strap!!!

    The Florida Furki8ds and Angel Sniffie

  3. Just put the bitey on it. Solves all the camera problems.

  4. My human’s camera does not have a strap – takes some of the fun out of getting photographed. Scratch that – takes ALL the fun out!

  5. Oh lucky Link, a camera strap. What fun. That will teach that hoooman to get that close to you. But we did enjoy the pictures. You are some kind of handsome Link. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  6. Whenever Mom lets the strap dangle when she gets down to take a photo of Audrey, Audrey comes running to play with the strap and no picture results. You would think Mom would have gotten it by now, but, No, she still does it.

  7. Link, your earlier comment that Marmie and Diddy “have been raising you out of wedlock” cracked me up!

  8. way to go Link!!! You show ’em!!!

    Your pal, Cody

  9. HeeHee, that camera just had a gotcha day!

  10. Put the bitey on that strap Link – that will teach it not to interrupt your bloggie!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. :::::chomp:::::
    Waytogo Link!

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