Diddy’s Blue Shoe

Here I am with a new favorite toy.


You are perhaps thinking,

All I see is a strikingly handsome orange cat hanging out underneath a bed with a blue shoe.

Where is the toy in this picture?


You may be intrigued to learn Diddy’s blue shoe is my newest toy.

I have been racing around Marmie’s apartment, shoelace in mouth, dragging Diddy’s blue shoe behind in a blur.

Such a blur that Marmie has been unable to get a proper action shot. 

Of this fact, Marmie is quite regretful.



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15 responses to “Diddy’s Blue Shoe

  1. I think that is a darn cool toy and you should be quite proud!

  2. you must be awfully strong to drag that shoe! Tell Marmie to video it and to stop worrying if it comes out blurry, it will be FUN!

  3. Link, maybe you could appease Marmie and drag your new toy just a little slower so she can get it on film!!

  4. Oh my, we would love to see a picture of that!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  5. Not only is that an awesome toy, I bet is smells pretty interesting too!

  6. Link, that is a BIG toy! Do you ever let Diddy have it back to wear it?

  7. We bet that is so much fun.dragging that shoe around. We would be too scairt to do that. So that is your shoe now. That is great. Take care and have a great week.

  8. That’s a pretty big “toy,” Link, so we think you must be a very strong mancat indeed to drag it all around!

  9. catfromhell

    Shoes! Yous likes shoes too! Me LOVES shoes!

  10. Link, your Marmie must try HARDER…or get a video…we want to see you & the shoe in ACTION! At our house we beat up Mommy’s sheepie slippers but that’s all.

  11. Can’t you get marmie to run faster to keep up with you and the shoe – she could get lots of pictures then – we want moving pictures – when do we want them? NOW!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. You must be very strong to be able to drag a shoe around by the lace!

  13. Link
    Now you’ve given me a good idea!

  14. Hoarding your victims…errr…toys in your fortress of solitude is very wise!!!

  15. Haha!! Brilliant! None of us have ever known a cat to drag a shoe around, including our mom!!

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