Little White Lies

Marmie, while you were in the shower, I was a realllly good boy.IMG_5369

A perfect orange gentleman, I promise.       

I didn’t rummage through my food cabinet.IMG_5372

OR leave any evidence on the kitchen floor…honest.


I also showed great restraint by NOT gnawing on my dry food bag.


Aren’t you proud of me, Marmie??


Oh Link, thank you for being so well behaved!

Wait a minute…LINK, what’s that behind you?????


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15 responses to “Little White Lies

  1. Ut oh…busted!!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. I don’t know about your mommy, but I do very proud of you…MOL

  3. I know you didn’t do it, Link! It was that awful Nobody, who is always into things!

  4. with a face of an Angel who would EVER suspect you of behaving like a Devil!?

  5. Great job Link. That is the way to get some extra fuds. We sure believe you that you did nothing. Someone else chewed on that bag. Take care and have a heck of a day.

  6. Ooops Link – hide the evidence next time!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. I just hate it when stuff falls to the floor all by itself!

  8. Oh Link, you forgot to hide all of the evidence!

  9. Tober the Cat

    You are such a good cat! Some intruder has been into your stuff, though!

  10. Link
    You are such a good honest boy!
    We know you would always tell the truth!

  11. hahaha…gosh, i was so tickled by that!

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