My Secret

I am an incredibly handsome man cat. 

You may consider it vain for a Tom to publicly announce the knowledge of his strapping good looks, but I do not care.  I know my features are popular with the ladies, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

However, there is one aspect of my overall “package” that causes me great embarrassment.

My voice.

You see, I do not meow a lot because I am very self-conscious of how it sounds.

Instead, I tend to communicate through chirps and grunts, much like this:

And there you have it: Link Bartholomew, handsome young mancat, has a voice only a marmie could love.



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13 responses to “My Secret

  1. Never mind, Link. Stick with the silent stills. You are pawsome in those.

  2. OMC Mom nearly reached out to grab you when you headbutted the camera. Sheesh Mom, aren’t we enough for you? You need to steal LInk from his marmie too?????

    We think you have a very ManCatly way of expressing yourself!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. LINK! Alla us perked up our ears hearing you…Mommy calls that at “chirrup” and she was enchanted by your voice! We say you need to cut a record, it’ll sell a million!

  4. I think a ladycat would find your voice very sexxay!

  5. Link, when you are as handsome as you are, you don’t need to talk!!

  6. Link, you haven’t heard weird kitty speak until you’ve talked with Boodie! She makes noises like a space alien! Your voice sounds very expressive to me.

  7. We love your meow Link. We have a kitty here, Lucky, who doesn’t meow at all, nothing. He can purr but that is all so don’t feel bad, We like it when kitties meow like you do. Take care.

  8. Link – Lucy rarely meows – she looks like she is meowing but she only mimes!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. catfromhell

    Link, mes tried to find yous in the spoeakers when Mommy played the video. Me thinks your voice is marvelous!

  10. You sound just fine to me pal, don’t try changing, you’re purrfect!

  11. You can be the strong, silent type! Link, I actually think your voice is very sweet.

  12. That’s okay, Link. Chirps and purrs communicate.

    Re your comment: Your mom’s wedding is important, so we were going to grant your wish of being a pirate but you don’t have an email address posted. 😦

  13. Awww, Link. You’re still cute… fur a boy kitty. 😉

    Woofs & hugs for a wonderful weekend! ❤

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

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