Soft Claws-Part II

I am now the perturbed proud owner of 10 clear Soft Claws tootsies.IMG_5470

Initially I was not so excited about these additions to my  fierce talons.  But, the Soft Claws have been on for 48 hours now, and I think I’m actually getting the hang of them.

Marmie was concerned the Soft Claws would take some of the enjoyment out of playing for me, but I still seem to enjoy kilting  my mousies even though I can’t dig my claws into them.

I continue to go through the motions of “scratching” my favorite furniture, but now I am not causing any damage.

Marmie says the key to getting a proper Soft Claws fit is that the nails have to be the correct length.  The directions on the box say to clip the nails prior to application, but in my experience, this may not give you the best results. Two weeks ago, we tried applying the Soft Claws, but the majority of them fell off because my nails were simply too short.  After giving my nails time to grow out, the claws now fit quite well.

So here I am, Soft Clawed and tolerating it.




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17 responses to “Soft Claws-Part II

  1. Oh dear Link – we’ll put our thinking caps on and try to think of something you can do with your soft claws on – we think you’ll have to practice your whapping skills and leave a trail of disruption that way.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Link, they look very natural! I wish I could wear some pink ones.

  3. They do look kind of neat. You are a good boy to wear those toe nails.Glad you are getting used to them. Take care and have a really fun day.

  4. Yes, we can barely even see anything! No hot pink girlie ones for you. LOL.

  5. Tober the Cat

    Your paws are still very Mancatly–I wouldn’t know those things were there if you hadn’t told me! At least you get to keep your front toenails! My pre-Library humans had mine taken off.

  6. Thats great! Ive always wondered if these worked!
    We are you new follower, we hope to be friends 🙂

  7. Hmmm Link…I have to ponder this one.

    Has anyone else here ever tried them?

    They look nice but I am mixed on my opinion about them (frankly I have never used them though)…

    I am waiting/wanting to hear if others have.

  8. Link, I was declawed before my humans got me, and I still “scratch” a the corners of furniture and at Audrey’s corrugated scratcher. It can still be fun even without the destructiveness.

    I see they didn’t get you the hot pink ones.

  9. We only scratch on approved surfaces or furniture that is already ruined so fortunately we do not have to wear them!

  10. Well, Link, those are pretty good. We can hardly tell you are wearing them. Keep us posted on how they are working for you.

  11. Grandpappy

    Wow, Link! Now you are bionic! (Like Grandpappy with his bionic hip.)
    Aren’t we cool cats?

  12. catfromhell

    Dear Link,
    Hmmm. Me hopes my Mommy does not get a chance to see this post. She has never been able too get the soft claws to stay on.

  13. Huh! Who would have thought! Claw caps! Amazing!
    I am NOT NOT NOT a cat person, but I am enjoying your blog!

  14. Those look great on your Link! We are glad you didn’t have any problems with them being put on you. We would all fight like tigers if Mom tried to do that to us.

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