I Doth Protest

This bag contains Marmie’s wedding planning materials.  Magazines, inspirational pictures, brochures, price quotes… you name it.  She spends a lot of time sifting through this sack of crap.


Tired of taking a back seat to wedding planning, I’ve decided to stage a protest.


Down with the wedding industry and its evil ploy to rob cats of rightfully deserved attention from their Marmies! 



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15 responses to “I Doth Protest

  1. sharon

    I assume this is the Occupy Wedding Bag protest.

  2. Tober

    She’s got her priorities all mixed up, doesn’t she? Do a Number One in there–that will buy you some time, I bet!

  3. As long as you don’t have to wear a penguin suit and carry the ring on a little pillow, we think you may as well let your Marmie do her crazypants thing.

  4. Well Lik, how very smart of you to work out you could get her attention by sitting in that bag! Actually, if she can be limited to one bag like that, it is terrific!

  5. Sorry, typo. Link not “Lik”!

  6. Link, we can only imagine your trials and tribulations as you endure all these wedding preparations. Maybe you can be the ring bearer–without a penguin suit?

  7. Link, I think it would be awesome if you were the ring-kitty!

  8. That a boy Link. Good idea to stage a show down or we should say a sit down. The least they can do is make you part of the wedding. Just sayin. Hope your days get better. Take care.

  9. I am with you, Link! My human and her boyfriend are supposed to get married someday, but SHE has her priorities in order and has done Not One Thing about it. Meanwhile, she caters to my every whim (and some I haven’t even thought of).

  10. Hahaha!! She can’t get to it as long as you remain in the bag. Is that like the opposite of “let the cat out of the bag?”

  11. what date are you getting married? My “bonus” daughter is getting married June 16th of 2012

  12. We hope your protest works, Link! She must start paying more attention to you!!

  13. We think you should stage a protest Link – if you are neglected she shouldn’t expect cuddles and headbutts and purrs.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps – no whiskery kisses either!!

  14. You Occupy that bag and protest!! Unless they have some stuff you need to taste test…that could work!! 🙂

  15. You sure do know how to get noticed!

    Swing on by for a visit some time!

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