Too Much Time On My Hands

Being neglected makes me do silly things.



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13 responses to “Too Much Time On My Hands

  1. Oh! For a second I was worried there was water in there!

  2. Hey, it sure does look like fun to me!!!

  3. Come and hang out in our little back space, Link. There’s been great bird TV on this afternoon! Plus the neighbour’s woofies to hiss at. That will keep you occupied!

  4. Oh Link that still looks fun!

  5. Hey, Link, that looks fun…not silly at all!!

  6. As you say, being neglected makes you do stuff!

  7. Your human is obviously not paying enough attention to you!!! HEY HUMAN – go fetch a Da Bird or other interactive toy and play with poor little Link. He’s bored out of his kitty skull!

  8. What are you doing Link – we hope there’s no water in there for you to dive in!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Was there anything interesting in that bucket Link?

  10. My brofur Mau Kitteh duz silly stuff all da time…just bein’ a cat

  11. Looks like a bucket of fun! I would have been batting it all over the place ‘tho. You were very good!

  12. catfromhell

    What wuz in there? Enquiring minds want to know!

  13. Poor little bucket, doesn’t stand a chance! MOL

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