Diddy’s Not-So-Secret Admirer



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11 responses to “Diddy’s Not-So-Secret Admirer


    Link, this may mean war.

  2. Nothing wrong with that!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Is it going to be a 2-cat household? Who IZ that kitty?

  4. So who is that kitty. It is a very pretty kitty for sure. Hope the two of you get along. Keep us posted Link. Take care.

    • Diddy was dangerously close to adopting a tortie kitten yesterday, but it did not work out. Thankfully, it is still a one cat household around here!!! This is my Aunt Beatrice. She has a crush on Diddy.

  5. Is she horning in on your territory, Link?? You gotta muscle your way in there!!

  6. The more the merrier! Love is great that way – the more you give the more you have left over.

  7. We think you should give Aunt Beatrice the back of disrespect Link and a whap (when no-one’s looking of course).
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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