No Boundaries


Ohhhhhh….so you wanted to dry your dishes with this towel?




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10 responses to “No Boundaries

  1. Way to go Link, They can just get another towel. You look way too comfy. Love the expression on your face

  2. Too bad, they will just have to wait!

  3. I guess they will have to find another towel – you are using that one!

  4. Link
    You are such a handsome boy!!

  5. very handsome mancat! they can use that towel, if they don’t mind your furs all over the dishes MOL

  6. Yes, I can tell by that smile that you really wanted to help!

  7. that’s ok Link! Everything tastes better with cat hair on it!

  8. Tee..He… Let’s your human use that towel !
    Increasing furry nice decoration for the dishes : )

  9. Oh Link you are getting cheeky – we love your expression.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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