Pink Mouse Protection Program


Shhh…I must be quiet.  I’m on watch duty.IMG_5358

This Trader Joe’s bag makes the perfect hideout, so I can survey the scene.IMG_5359

I’m protecting something very important underneath my chest.IMG_5361



Who goes there?


I don’t know who you are, intruder, but you’d better not come anywhere near me OR my pink mouse!      


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11 responses to “Pink Mouse Protection Program

  1. Link, that looks like a great place to guard and protect your pink mousie!

  2. would NEVER think of disturbing you and your mousie!!!

    I protect my red mousie the same way!

    Have a fun day!

    Love, Cody

  3. Good job Link protecting your mouse. What a good boy you are to take care of your mouse like that. Hope you have a fun day.

  4. Oh, we wouldn’t dare approach too closely! You and Pink Mousie are safe from us!

  5. Link, you are a real professional. Good for you and pink mousie.

  6. catfromhell

    Paper bags is the bestest places for hiding treasures (and yourself)

  7. That’s right, Link – YOU are the only kitty allowed to kill your pink mousie!

  8. Your look furry stern Link – we come in peace and we daren’t even think about pink mouses let alone trying to catnap one.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. You are the Great Pink Mousie Protector, Link!! Good job!!

  10. You are a true hero of pink mice everywhere!

  11. LINK! you won the contest!!!!!!!

    PLEASE email our mom your address so we can get your prize to you!!!! Floofy Mc Flufferson AT gmail DOT com!

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