Friday Funny





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9 responses to “Friday Funny

  1. Grandpappy

    How true!
    How Link! How Beatrice! How Irvin!
    (chuckles all around)

  2. You are right! You only have to listen to Marmie when you agree with what she says. Otherwise, you are free to ignore her.

  3. WE all do that all the time. We love to scream when told to do something especially if it involves getting off a table or counter. Take care.

  4. Link, we laff and laff everytime we see this!!

    (pee ess. regarding Zoey’s string mousie…she has chewed through the string on 4 of these toys already! Our mom finally replaced some of the string with jute string because she doesn’t like to chew that kind of string and so far, this has stopped her from ruining more toys!! And our mom has had to replace the mousie on it several times too!)

    Wally & Ernie

  5. Even if she was Real Mom. Makes no difference.

  6. Just pretend you’re listening and then jump back up again when she’s turned her back!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. :::hahahaha:::::
    That is a good one!

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