Where’s My Breakfast?


Grammie says I’m her favorite model.

Click here to view this painting’s auction.



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11 responses to “Where’s My Breakfast?

  1. That’s a pawsome painting your Grammie did!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  2. Grandpappy

    You are quite the star, Link.
    I see you have a toilet paper fetish!
    Your Grammie is GOOD!

  3. That is such a wonderful painting. Love that it is with you sitting on the toilet. That is just terrific. Grammie is really good at doing that. Take care.

  4. Your grammie’s a wonderful artist, Link. The toilet paper’s a nice touch–and not even shredded. LOL.

  5. We like to play with toilet paper too Link – your Grammie is a great artist.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Ok now I am TOTALLY CONFUSED. I just saw this painting on Sharon Wagner’s blog and thought that SHE did it….is Sharon your “grammie?” HELP!!

    I am BEYOND confused!

  7. Wonderful! My Nekoka loves posing on the toilet too. It makes such a nice backdrop for the big ginger guys!

  8. That’s gorgeous, Link! Um, did you have anything to do with unwinding the TP roll there?

  9. We love that painting! It really captures the real Link!!

  10. Tober

    Link, you’ve been framed! I see in the painting that you’ve unwound the TP roll. . . but in the photo a few blog posts ago, the TP roll is NOT EVEN THERE!!!!
    But it is a nice touch, Link’s Grammie. 🙂

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