Bad Bad Boy

I’ve been a bad, bad boy.  In self-punishment, I’ve relegated myself to the deepest, darkest corner of Marmie’s apartment.IMG_5427

I needed to put myself in time out.

Marmie and Diddy—especially Diddy—are very upset with me.


I may or may not have …accidentally… scratched Diddy in the face.


To the corner I go.



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9 responses to “Bad Bad Boy

  1. If it was an accident, I wouldn’t say you were bad, Link! The same way we are never in trouble here when we poke holes and tears in my human’s favorite clothing when we are trying to get away from her annoying grasp! Accidents all, I tell you!

  2. Of course it was an accident. We know you would n ever do that on purpose!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. We know for sure it was an accident. Diddy must have done something that made you react. It isn’t your fault Link. You look so sad sitting in the corner. We are on your side Link. Take care.

  4. Bah, is that all? We’re sure you didn’t mean to, In fact we agree that Diddy must have done something to warrant a scratch–or perhaps they’re just not keeping your claws trimmed often enough! 😛

  5. Diddy must have deserved to be scratched Link – what had HE done??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Awwww poor baby, I am sure that Diddy knew that you didn’t mean it!!! You can come out now precious one!

  7. Link
    Just chill and don’t worry.
    We know it was an accident.
    Listen I did far far worse. I bit Momma’s wrist that she ended up at the Dr and then in the ER. she is OK, even if she has a knot on her wrist permanently, she forgave me.

  8. Do not worry, Link, accidents happen. You were very responsible to punish yourself!

  9. Tober

    Sheesh. Humans. As long as you don’t get ’em in the eyeballs they’re okay.

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