Tent Snuggles

IMG_5500 IMG_5501  IMG_5503 

I’m so flippin’ cute.



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10 responses to “Tent Snuggles

  1. yes Link you ARE!

    Especially the middle photo where you are smiling!

  2. Cute… and a fierce hunter, ready to kill cat toys and/or wandering bugs at a moment’s notice! That’s us kitties.

  3. We like you, Link. You are adorable.

  4. Oh Link, you look so happy there!

  5. What a great tent you have for sure. And guess what, you are so darn cute. but you already knew that. Great pictures.

  6. Link we love you – you look so snuggly and happy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. So handsome! Such a winsome smile!

  8. Grandpappy

    Cute! Photo #2 takes the cake. (Or the mouse, if you prefer, Link.).

  9. Link
    YOU are simply adorable.

  10. You ARE so cute! In that second picture, it looks like you are smiling and having a happy dream!

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