Flea Bag

When Marmie looked down at her leg in church this Sunday, she noticed something rather peculiar.

That something was….a FLEA!


When Marmie and Diddy came home, they immediately searched my fur with a fine comb.


It seems when humans detect blood-sucking insects, fluffy cats are the first to be investigated as the source of origin.


But I guess it makes sense.  I had just arrived home from the kitty condo.


The great inspection came and went, but no fleas were found on this feline!

I guess Marmie is the only flea bag in this family.



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11 responses to “Flea Bag

  1. Hey, no.fleas is a great thing!

  2. Well, we’re glad you were the source of that blood-sucking insect!!

  3. Oh we meant to say…we’re glad you WEREN’T the source of that blood-sucking insect. Sheesh…we need a new typist!!

  4. So, is your Mom gonna get the old Frontline applied to the nape of the neck? Turnabout is SO fair play!

  5. catfromhell

    Fleas! ICK! Wes glad yous back (particularly sans fleas)!

  6. It’s a good thing your human did not give YOU fleas!

  7. Wow, no fleas is terrific. Maybe the church had fleas. Fleas are no fun at all..Take care Link.

  8. Yeah, maybe the church did have fleas. We’re glad you don’t have any, Link!

  9. Why do humans always think we’re to blame when they find a flea??
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Link
    I bet you enjoyed the good rubadub!
    We are glad you were flea – less. Those things will make you scratch!!!

  11. I’m glad you don’t have any icky fleas, Link!

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