Aunt Bea Stuffs Uncle Irv


This picture depicts the relationship between my Aunt Beatrice and Uncle Irvin quite well.

Aunt Bea has never liked Uncle Irv, but since he farted in her cat bed, the tension has never been higher.

There is no hope for peace on earth in Grammie and Grandpappy’s abode this Christmas season.



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9 responses to “Aunt Bea Stuffs Uncle Irv

  1. Well, WE know all about Cat Farts here at our house (Grayce!) and they ARE pretty unforgivable. Or unforgiving. Whatever.
    Maybe Aunt Bea needs to hit the nip.

  2. Love that funny. Take care Link. Hope no one stuffs you in a box and ships you.

  3. Grandpappy

    They certainly are not:
    Best Friends
    I’ll cover your back types
    But they are:
    Dual Occupants

  4. That reminds me of the relationship between Harley and me.

  5. catfromhell

    Looks just like Kozmo and mes!

  6. Farted in her cat bed? That is so mean!

  7. Haha! That’s what you get when you let one rip!!

  8. MOL…

    Dec 24 : )
    Hoo Hoo Hoo ! I won’t be around till next 3 weeks, But I would love to say…Merry Merry Christmas !!
    I wish you all have a very best time : )

    Puddy and Mom Boom

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