A Legacy of Orange-Talon

Some time ago, my Aunt Beatrice introduced you to 2 of my orange ancestors.  Earl and Thomasina were Marmie’s cats growing up.


Above is the late Uncle Thomasina, and below is the late Uncle Earl.

Word on the street is that I not only inherited Uncle Earl’s good looks, but also his naughtiness.

Did you know I have an orange uncle on Diddy’s side of the family too?


His name is Talon.


Talon is one cool cat.  He was rescued by my Grammie L. when she was stationed in Bahrain 13 years ago.  Since relocating to the USA, Talon has been the adored lap cat of Diddy’s family.



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8 responses to “A Legacy of Orange-Talon

  1. catfromhell

    What a history of Orange cats! That is cool and Talon has one cool smile.

  2. I love all your orange relatives, past and present!

  3. Talon does look like one cool cat!

  4. Grandpappy

    A very nice and wonderful short orange story
    I guess orange cats need to be overseas travelers to learn how to be lap cats?
    All very beautiful felines. (Yep, Link; Gramps called you beautiful.)

  5. Talon, you are one handsome boy, that is for sure. Link, all your ancestors are so very handsome as are you. We love our Orange or Ginger cats here too. Hope you have a super day.

  6. You sure are an orange family. And we love orange. Our Crystal was an orange and so is our Rusty.

  7. Talon is a very handsome mancat – good looks must run in your family Link.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. We’ve got a family of orange cats staying with us at the moment. Betsy was someone’s pet at some point, but they decided to throw her away on the back roads – I don’t have any idea why since she’s such a sweetie! Unfortunately she was pregnant when she got here, so we’ve got her son, Benny, and her daughter, Maggie, too!

    We’ve also got a resident ginger, Gracie. Out of all the cats I’ve worked with, the orange ones are probably my favorite. While all cats have distinct personalities, it’s the orange ones that shine the most.

    Much love to you and yours, Mr. Bartholomew!

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