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Marmie, I’ve gathered my colorful friends  in order to alert you.




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Mr. Chewy

Marmie was recently contacted by Mr. Chewy, an online pet food retailer.  The folks at the company encouraged us to shop at their store and then blog about the experience.*

Overall, Marmie and I were incredibly pleased with the Mr. Chewy store.  Marmie had never thought about buying my food online before, but she has now been converted into an online cat food shopper!

When Marmie logged onto Mr. Chewy, she was pleased to see a remarkably large selection of my favorite healthy cat food options.  Marmie was excited to see brands such as Taste of the Wild, Tiki Cat, and BFF….for prices less expensive than the local pet food store sells them!

Product Image

And, as long as you spend $49 or more, 1-2 day shipping is free!

The website was easy to navigate, and my food arrived, as promised, promptly at my doormat.

Once I eat my way through this food, Marmie will definitely be ordering from Mr. Chewy again.  Next order, she is going to buy my litter.  That way, the delivery man can, rather than Marmie, carry the 25 pound box up 3 flights of stairs!

Product Image

*Full disclosure- we were offered a $50 store credit in exchange for this honest review.


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